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Lifeskill Recruiting

Lifeskill manages a team of Gondola Rescue Technicians that work together to effect evacuations as required by our clients, the lift operators.


Gondola Rescue Technicians (GRT) must be suitably fit to perform the strenuous work required from time to time, and be of sufficient maturity that they fit in with the rest of the team while working with other GRT's to get the job done.


Candidates that are selected for training are;

 - required to review reading materials (Don't Jump) to acquire the theoretical background of information necessary to carry out evacuation work.

 - tested on their knowldege with written exams.

 - trained on the equipment used.

 - expected to attend exercises at regular intervals until qualification is completed.


Normally training takes from 6 to 8 months, after which time candidates will have completed all of the steps necessary for designation as a Gondola Rescue Technician. Exercises are conducted regularly throughout the year and at all lifts that Lifeskill services, and GRT's are expected to incorporate this training into their regular life schedules.


Candidates must be at least 20 years of age, have lived locally (Bow Valley) for at least two years, be employed in a position that allows their release at short notice for response, and be able to demonstrate plans to remain with the team for at least five years after joining.


If you feel you would be good at this type of work, please submit a CV with picture (passport type) to "LRS" on the Lifeskill domain. We only contact those individuals that will enter the training program, but thank everyone that demonstrates an interest.