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Lightning Detection and Alerting



For over twenty years Lifeskill Rescue Services Ltd. has provided skilled personnel and equipment during events that require the rope evacuation of aerial ropeways.

Since 2015 Lifeskill has begun providing Lightning Detection and Alerting Services for the Tourism and Recreation Iindustry in Western Canada. Lifeskills detector network is capable of sensing then plotting lightning using a process referred to as multi-lateration on customisable, zoomable, pannable maps.

Multi-lateration is somewhat different than triangulation as calculations do not merely triangulate strikes, but establish precise locations taking into consideration the elevation of the detectors, and the curvature of the earth between detectors and strikes.

Lifeskill detectors are capable of sensing lightning at ranges well over 2300KM, allowing us to monitor events all over B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Yukon and Northwest Territories. The north-western U.S. states of Montana, Washington, Oregon and Idaho are also well within our sensing range.

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