Lifeskill Rescue Services Ltd. (1991-2017), based in Banff, Alberta, Canada is providing lightning detection and alerting services to subscribers. As of 2017 this service is now provided year-round as Xkyfire RealTime Lightning.

When you create an account with us, your facilities are automatically generated within our database and immediately draw on the base map, and from that point on alerts and warnings will be generated every time lightning is seen to have occurred, or is seen to be imminent, in proximity to those facilities. Users set the range they wish to receive warnings at, XkyFire does the rest.

Alerts are transmitted to users carrying cellular telephones through SMS (Simple-Message-Service) text, and can also be viewed in real-time at any computer with an internet browser. Subscribers set-up and then manage their own alert contact list, and users may access data anytime, twenty-four hours per day.

The data is generated when a network of sensors located throughout western Canada and the north-west United States feeds signals to collection software on XkyFire computer servers. That software then generates alerts whenever required. Sensors, and computers have inherent redundancies built-in, and further the entire system is monitored continuously from 7 A.M. (Mountain time) until 11 P.M. daily.

Creating an account takes less than ten minutes, and costs $4759.00 plus GST per year.

Don't think of this solely as a safety measure. Being able to see when a storm is going to miss your facilities, and therefore allow you to continue with revenue operations, has a very tangible value too. Most operators will earn back the cost of the service within an hour or two on days when thunderstorms are nearby, but not overhead!


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